Legislative Housing List


The Legislative Affairs Agency (LAA) provides housing information to legislators and staff during the legislative session (January 19 - April 18, 2021). Legislative sessions are 90 days and begin the third Tuesday each January. LAA accepts clean, reasonably priced, furnished houses, apartments, or rooms to rent. The greatest need is for downtown rentals and those that accept pets.

COVID-19 PROVISION: This year, considering the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, we appreciate your flexibility should health and safety conditions require the legislature to abruptly adjourn and leave the Capital. We have included a question on our housing submittal form that directly addresses this. A negative response does not prevent your listing from being posted, it simply allows a prospective tenant to make an informed decision.

DISCLAIMER: The Legislative Affairs Agency does not act as an agent for any Legislator or staff person. Any agreement is solely between the landlord and the prospective tenant. Neither the Legislative Affairs Agency nor the Legislature is responsible for any issues that may arise between the two parties. Housing offers may be reviewed and inspected before being included in the Agency housing list. We reserve the right to exclude those listings that do not meet our criteria.

The Legislative Housing List is maintained by the Legislative Affairs Agency Executive Director’s Office. Listings are posted on the legislative Intranet which is an internal website available only to Legislators and staff. Please be aware that your listing, while relatively secure, may be printed and given to an outside party. To date, we have had no complaints about this issue.

Legislators and staff from areas other than Juneau must maintain two households during session and thus need reasonably priced accommodations. Juneau residents can help by providing economical rentals through this listing service. Legislators and staff typically arrive in Juneau as close to the start of session as possible (mid-January) and leave shortly after session adjourns (mid-April).

Each year, we accept rental listings from October through January. Your listing will be active for one session; to post again please contact our office the following October. Once you have a confirmed rental agreement with a tenant, please contact our office and we will mark the listing as rented so you do not get further inquiries.

The most sought after accommodations are located downtown. Places that are willing to accept pets are also in high demand. We do not list unfurnished accommodations as it is not economically feasible for staff to move household belongings to Juneau for the 90-day session.

When submitting your information, please be as detailed as possible. Pictures are very helpful as many Legislators and staff will not have the opportunity to see their rental until move-in day. If your rental is available after mid-April, please note that in the “dates available” section of your submission.

Average rental prices for legislative listings are not representative of the Juneau market. Below are average rental rates from our list; the range is wide based on several factors (location, utilities included, amenities, pet possible, etc.). Because we provide a service to legislative employees to help them find affordable housing in the Capital, rentals priced above these averages may not be posted to our housing list.





Shared home


1 bedroom home


Efficiency apartment


2 bedroom home


1 bedroom apartment


3 bedroom home


2 bedroom apartment


4 bedroom home


Please note: By listing with us, you agree to obtain and read a copy of the Alaska Landlord-Tenant Act so that you are aware of your rights as a landlord and those of your tenant. You can download the Act here: http://www.law.alaska.gov/pdf/consumer/LandlordTenant_web.pdf. This publication also provides sample forms that may be useful.