Legislative Research Services


Tips for Requesting Research

When you have a question

Use our Research Request Form
Fill it out, print it, and send it to us by fax, interoffice mail, or messenger.

Fax us at 465-3908
Use any format you like, just put the question on paper, and send it to us.

Call us at 465-3991
You will generally be directed to Chuck Burnham, the manager, who will take the request and assign it to an analyst.

How you can help us write a useful report

Provide us with a precise, well-focused question

A useful research report begins with a precise question. If you aren't quite sure of an exact question, give us a call. We are happy to discuss how best to approach a subject, which data sources to use, what to include and omit from the scope of work, and so on. Writing your questions down helps you organize the issues, and it helps us to be sure that we understand your needs.

Tell us about your objective

Even if you've asked us to focus on one piece of a project, it helps us tremendously to understand the "big picture" so we can better judge whether what we're finding is relevant to your needs. The more we know about the purpose and objective of the research, the better able we are to focus our approach. No need to worry that your ideas will be revealed to someone else. Everything you tell us remains strictly confidential.

Provide as much background as possible

Our work proceeds more efficiently if you tell us what you already know about the subject and with whom you've already spoken. Give us copies of any relevant documents you already have. We will better understand the project and won't spend time duplicating your efforts.