Legislative Affairs Agency (LAA)

Mailing Address:
State Capitol, Rm. 3
Juneau, AK 99801

Physical Address:
129 6th St.
Juneau, AK 99801-1182

The Legislative Affairs Agency is the vehicle for execution of Legislative Council policy and the carrying out of other statutory and rule assignments made by the Legislature. The Agency is headed by an Executive Director who serves at the pleasure of the council and is responsible for the hiring and direction of the activities of the Agency staff according to the law and directives consistent with law and rule. The Executive Director serves as the coordinating authority for the two functional divisions of the agency.

Office of the Executive Director
Jessica Geary, Executive Director
Phone 465-3800   Fax 465-3234

Division of Administrative Services

The Division of Administrative Services provides management assistance to the Executive Director, administrative support to the Legislature and all divisions, and has the responsibility for accounting, payroll and personnel, maintenance of the Capitol, supply, procurement, data processing, printing, document distribution and the statewide legislative information and teleconference network. There are 23 Legislative Information Offices within the state.

Santé Lesh, Administrative Operations Manager

Information Technology
Tim Banaszak, IT Manager 
Help Desk  465-4357

Information & Teleconferencing
Tim Powers, Manager
465-4648  Fax 465-2864
Legislative Information Offices

John Cayce, Building Manager

Tina Strong, Procurement Officer
Supply Room - Capitol, Room 3  - 465-3853

Personnel Office
Skiff Lobaugh, Human Resource Manager

Print Shop
John Wright, Manager
Basement, Community & Regional Affairs Building
Printing Services

Documents (session only)


Division of Legal and Research Services

Legal Services

Legal Services provides bill drafting and legal research/advice for legislators, as well as contract review, session law production, and statute revision.

Legislative Reference Library

The Legislative Reference Library is open to the public as well as legislative personnel, and contains most legislative committee records.

Legislative Research

Legislative Research provides research and information services to Alaska legislators. The agency is non-partisan and accessible to all members of both houses. It is a source of independent and objective information, research, and analysis.

Legal Services
Megan Wallace, Director

Legislative Reference Library

Research Services