General Information
The Capitol Building has two wheelchair/accessible entrances. A ramp and powered doors are located at the main ground floor lobby entrance on 4th street. An additional accessible entrance with powered doors is located at the rear of the building off 5th street, this entrance is keycard access only and individuals will need to contact Capitol Security at (907) 465-1414 for access.

Two disabled parking spaces are available in the parking lot located at the rear of the Capitol Building off 5th Street, a disabled placard or plate is required. Please inform Capitol Security at (907) 465-1414 if parking in these spaces.

House and Senate Chambers
The House and Senate Chambers public galleries are not wheelchair accessible; there are two stairs to access the galleries. Every effort will be made to make reasonable accommodations for individuals unable to access the public galleries. Please contact the respective Sergeant at Arms in advance of your visit to make arrangements.

Assistive Listening Devices
Assistive Listening Devices (FM System) are available for use in most committee rooms and the House and Senate Chambers. Please contact the House or Senate Sergeant at Arms to check out a device. Please request assistive listening devices prior to the meeting or floor session you wish to attend to ensure there are no delays in providing this service.

House Sergeant at Arms
(907) 465-3869

Senate Sergeant at Arms
(907) 465-4987

Juneau Legislative Information Office
State Capitol, Terry Miller Building, Suite 111
Juneau, AK 99801-1182
(907) 465-4648
Fax: (907) 465-2864
TDD: (907) 465-4980

ADA Coordinator
Skiff Lobaugh, Human Resources Manager
(907) 465-3854