How to Do Business with the Legislative Print Shop (State Agencies)

Updated: August 2003

Legislative Affairs/Printshop
Community Bldg./Basement
150-3rd Street
Juneau, Alaska

Print Shop Order Form

Table of Contents


Quick Copy Centers

Preparing an Order

Reports, Booklets, Brochures, Newsletters

Paper Stock Available

Things to Remember, Checklist for Printing

Legislative Printshop Guidelines Policy

Unavailable printing , copying or binding

1. Color copying
2. Envelopes.
3. Business Cards.
4. Jobs with pictures not in electronic format. As technology advances this could change to an allowable item.
5. No copying or printing size larger than 11”x17”.
6. Collating and binding of multiple pages 11x17" size
7. Spiral Binding
8. Mailing Labels



Duplicating and Quick Copy Services, Presses, Xerox 2101 and Ricoh 1105s

The Legislative Print Shop is not an all-purpose print shop. Its purpose is to provide an economical and fast reproduction service to State Agencies. Call the Print Shop to find out if a job can be produced by duplication or if it must be produced commercially. All color copying or printing must be done commercially, contact the Print Shop for information!

Some services that are availabe at the Legislative Printshop are: Cutting, Folding, Stapling, Tabbing, Mail Merging and Thermal Binding. Call the Printshop for details...


Quick Copy Centers

Print Shop (Community Bldg) 465-3806
Collating (Community Bldg) 465-3778

A Quick Copy Center is available to provide rapid turnaround on requests that are up to 1000 copies. In most cases, we can provide 24 hour service; in extreme emergencies, a request can be duplicated while you wait. The objective of quick copy is not only to save money, but also to free staff from becoming copier operators.

Preparing an Order

All work that is to be produced by the Print Shop must be accompanied by an “Electronic Duplicating Form”. This form can be filled at: Print Shop Order Form

You may attach your file of the job at the bottom of the duplication form or if unable to you may email the file to Next print out a copy of the form for your file and click on the submit button at the bottom of the page.

The electronic form must be filled out in detail, (Note: Make sure to fill in the financial code) describing exactly what is wanted. It is important that the requestor has a clear idea of what the finished product should look like. Vague or incomplete information may result in mistakes and an unsatisfactory job. The staff has been instructed not to second-guess the intent of the requestor. It would be a good idea to drop off a copy of the publication to the printshop.

If you have any problems filling out or submitting the electronic form, please call the Print Shop at 465-3806.

Reports, Booklets, Brochures & Newsletters

To produce clear and legible reports, booklets,brochures or newsletters, the following standards shall be followed for all materials submitted for reproduction:

• Use 8½” x 11" or 11" x 17" white paper for all pages. Colored paper may be requested for finished product; please do not provide originals on colored paper since they do not reproduce good copy!

• Leave at least half inch margins on top, bottom and

• Please number all pages.

• Submit only clean, original typed material.

The maximum capacity of our floor model stitchers is 220 sheets (440 pages, if printed on both sides). Reports larger than 220 sheets should be split into two or more volumes. If two volumes are not possible, the reports will have to be drilled or thermal bound.

Reports, booklets, brochures and newsletters with or without pictures should be camera ready and either sent with the electronic duplication request or by email to! If you have any questions pertaining to your job, please call the Print Shop!

Paper Stocks Available

The following is a list of paper stocks that are normally available at the Legislative Print Shop.

Colors: white, blue, green, canary, goldenrod, pink, buff, ivory, cherry, salmon, orchid and aqua.

Sizes and Weights: Bond - 20 lb.
8½” x 11" (all colors above)
8½” x 14" (white only)
11" x 17" (all colors above, except aqua)

Cover Stock: Springhill Vellum Bristol - 67 lb.
8½” x 11" roman gold, canary, white, green, pink, ivory, aqua, tan, orange, orchid, red and blue.

All above stock and colors in limited quantities.

All other paper stocks must be supplied by the requestor. Please consult the Print Shop prior to ordering any special paper if you intend the Print Shop to do the work. Some textures and weights of paper cannot be run through the offset duplicating, copiers or binding equipment. The staff in the Print Shop can provide valuable assistance in selecting the appropriate paper for your job.

Things to Remember

• Copyrighted material will not be duplicated without proper consent from originator.

• No printing of a personal nature is allowed.

• Unless otherwise specified, all work will be duplicated on both sides.

• All possible lead time is appreciated for print requests, as they may be used as fill-in between scheduled legislative work.

Checklist for Printing

1. Is this product really needed?

2. Is the design functional?

3. How many are really needed? What is the largest quantity to order without waste?

4. What is the most economical method of reproduction?

5. Can it be printed on standard paper, standard size?

6. Is this really a rush job, or can I allow a reasonable time for delivery?

7. Did you fill out the “Electronic Duplicating Form” completely?