Pocket Directory of Alaska State Legislature

The Pocket Directory of Alaska State Legislature is produced by the Executive Director's Office. If you would like to purchase a directory in booklet form, please contact the Legislative Information Office.

If you have questions send an email to juneau.lio@akleg.gov or call 907-465-4648.


33rd Legislature, 2023-2024

Past Pocket Directories

32nd Legislature, 2021-2022

31st Legislature, 2019-2020

30th Legislature, 2017-2018

29th Legislature, 2015-2016

28th Legislature, 2013-2014

27th Legislature, 2011-2012

26th Legislature, 2009-2010, Second Session

26th Legislature, 2009-2010, First Session

25th Legislature, 2007-2008, Second Session

25th Legislature, 2007-2008, First Session

24th Legislature, 2005-2006, Second Session

24th Legislature, 2005-2006, First Session

23rd Legislature, 2003-2004, Second Session

23rd Legislature, 2003-2004, First Session

22nd Legislature, 2001-2002, Second Session

22nd Legislature, 2001-2002, First Session

21st Legislature, 1999-2000, Second Session

21st Legislature, 1999-2000, First Session

20th Legislature, 1997-1998, Second Session

20th Legislature, 1997-1998, First Session

19th Legislature, 1995-1996, Second Session

19th Legislature, 1995-1996, First Session

18th Legislature, 1993-1994, Second Session

18th Legislature, 1993-1994, First Session

17th Legislature, 1991-1992, Second Session

17th Legislature, 1991-1992, First Session

16th Legislature, 1989-1990, Second Session

16th Legislature, 1989-1990, First Session

15th Legislature, 1987-1988, Second Session

15th Legislature, 1987-1988, First Session

14th Legislature, 1985-1986, Second Session

14th Legislature, 1985-1986, First Session

13th Legislature, 1983-1984

12th Legislature, 1981-1982

11th Legislature, 1979-1980