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I'd like to listen to a meeting live

No problem! You can listen to any meeting or floor session at Gavel-to-Gavel's website. Click here.

I want to testify in a meeting I see on TV

You'll need to contact the committee before you testify. Call your local Legislative Information Office (LIO) or the statewide office at 1-800-478-4648 for more information

I need a copy of a document that was talked about in a committee meeting.

Click on the Bills & Laws tab and click on "Hearing Schedules" (It will be on the right side, near the middle) and search for the meeting you're interested in.

I'd like to listen to a recorded meeting

You can do that! Click here to visit search for minutes and audio. To listen to a meeting you'll need to have the FTR program installed. (FTR is a free program that can be downloaded here)

Still need help? Click Here.