Legislative Affairs Agency (LAA)

The Legislative Affairs Agency (LAA) is the Legislature's non-partisan support agency. The Agency's eleven sections work collaboratively to ensure individual legislators, and the Legislature as a whole, have the necessary tools to efficiently conduct work. LAA carries out Legislative Council policy, Alaska Statute, and is responsible for providing legislative services including: accounting; information technology; personnel and payroll; legal; research; maintenance; printing and document distribution; supply and procurement; security; and the statewide teleconference network, including 22 Legislative Information Offices (LIOs) throughout Alaska.

Office of the Executive Director
Jessica Geary, Executive Director

Division of Administrative Services

Mindy Kissner, Finance Manager

Serge Lesh, Facilities Manager

Procurement & Supply
JC Kestel, Procurement Officer
465-6705, Mailroom 465-3853

Personnel Office
Stacie Bentley, Human Resources Manager

Print Shop
John Wright, Manager
Basement, Community & Regional Affairs Building

Documents (session only)

Security Services
Rayme Vinson, Chief of Security


Division of Technology and Information

Shay Wilson, Chief Information Officer 

Tim Powers, Chief Technology & Outreach Officer
Help Desk  465-4357

Legislative Information Office
Danea Burns, Statewide Information Officer
465-4648  Fax 465-2864 


Division of Legal and Research Services

Legal Services provides bill drafting and legal research/advice for legislators, as well as contract review, session law production, and statute revision. Legislative Research provides research and information services to Legislators and staff in both bodies. It is a source of independent and objective information, research, and analysis. The Legislative Reference Library is open to the public and contains materials related to Alaska law and legislation, such as committee bill files, minutes, and reports.

Legal Services
Emily Nauman, Director

Legislative Reference Library

Research Services
Chuck Burnham, Manager

Mailing Address:
State Capitol
120 4th St. Rm. 3
Juneau, AK 99801

Physical Address:
129 6th St. Terry Miller Legislative Office Building
Juneau, AK 99801-1182