Getting Started


BASIS (Bill Action and Status Inquiry System) Tutorial

Steps for Using Infobases

Tips for Researching Alaska Legislative History using BASIS and Infobases


Abbreviations & Acronyms (PDF)

BASIS – you may run across pages that say BASIS on them. This is the software used to allow the extensive search features available to you through this site.

Bill Root – this is the bill number, it is located to the left of the bill in schedules and provides the link to detailed bill information. Make a note of the Bill Root so you can Track the Bill.

Conference Committee Summary – displays a list of bills in committees specially appointed to resolve differences between versions passed by House and Senate.

Infobases – another software name that allows extensive access. Infobases runs the full text journals, statutes, and other Alaska information.

LAA – Legislative Affairs Agency

LIOS – Legislative Information Office Directory

Requestor Bill Search – displays a list of bills introduced at the request of non-legislative entities.